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Marc Twyman's One Man Electric Blues Band

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Marc Twyman's One Man Electric Blues Band

Bass Guitar - Marc's Left Toe
Bass Drum - Marc's Left Heel
Snare Drum - Marc's Right Foot
Electric& Acoustic Guitar - Marc Twyman
Vocals - Marc Twyman
Harmonica - Marc Twyman & a Harmonica Holder
Symbols/High Hat/Maracas - Marc's Right Hand


Click Link Below to see YouTube Video of Marc Twyman's One Man Electric Blues Band


above: Stag's Head Pub - Shepherd Plaza, Houston TX

Above - The Armadillo Palace - Kirby Drive Houston TX

above: Photo by Jon Steele

above: at the Balinese in Galveston - Photo By G. Scott

Above: Playing a Walking blues bass line with left toe, Hammering the Chords with left hand on Guitar, Hitting the Symbols with right hand, Playing Bass & Snare Drum with my right foot, Singing/playing harmonica

above - The Gravity Bar dec 2007